Heaven Once Lost

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I was shut out of heaven

Always searching for

Something as blithe as sweet

Just as crisp as ripe

And as smooth as breathing

I cast off uneasy roads

And travelled for the light

Never thinking I was circling

Back to a steep and craggy rise

From early in my journey

Up rose an alabaster stair, aglow

As I had not recalled

Goodness, not severity

Succor rather than burdens

And love in lieu of need

Then I felt a pang, as touching

That once-patient stair

Steps lengthened into vapour

A closed and ever-farther shore

That I had scorned to sail

I was shut out of heaven

And I remain, remembering

The worthy paths I left unwalked

The blessings poorly counted

And all that I could have been

11 thoughts on “Heaven Once Lost

  1. Enjoyed this piece: wistful, a regretful melancholy without darkness as I read it. I’m a part-time Buddhist, and the wheel of life that we traditionally move around has six stations. One is heaven, and like the others, it is impermanent.

      1. My pleasure, and and yes, absolutely. The idea is that we all travel around the wheel. If you want you can get an image and explanation off the internet, (Buddhist Wheel of Life, but there are slightly different interpretations) and check out where you are.

        1. I did a bit of reading and it’s actually strange to me that I find this strange (if that makes sense), because at the core it’s quite a simple, elegant concept! Goes to show how the traditional Western/Christian notion of a final judgement on one’s life has been ingrained, I guess! 😛

          1. Absolutely, it’s been embellished with a range of deities over the last three thousand years or so 🙂, but for me, the idea is quite independent of that, independent of religious belief. It’s just what happens living life, and like meditation, I find it valuable.

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